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This morning we started our day by going to the airport.  Departures are always handled by President and Sister Bateman, the APs and the office Elders, but one missionary was leaving a couple of hours earlier than the rest, so George and I got to be the ones to make sure he made his flight.  We were able to extend farewell greetings to the seventeen missionaries preparing to return home.

Highlights from last week, included viewing the eclipse.  The greater St Louis area was in the path for many areas to have a total eclipse.  We viewed the eclipse from the mission office and it was approximately 99%.  As the sky turned twilight, the cicadas started their "singing".  But when it started getting light, I think the cicadas were a little confused, but eventually stopped making their curious noise only to start up hours later when it was truly dusk.  What a great experience!  We saw a star and all the outside lights turned on.  Many people traveled to the St Louis area to view t…
George and I walked over to our missionary friends apartment for dinner this afternoon and were greeted, "Hi Sister Mower and Sister Mower". George didn't look at his badge very well and was wearing one of mine.  Whoops ;-).

We are really enjoying this time of our lives!  But this experience, although we are thankful for this opportunity, it isn't anything like our last mission in the Philippines where every day was an adventure.  We have a wonderful Mission President and his wife and daughter.  We love the missionaries and are grateful for little snippets of time we have to be with them.  One missionary told me this week that I am "the bomb".  I had to ask the meaning, and was relieved to find out this is a compliment.

Friday we visited missionaries.  Why didn't I take pictures; not sure.  We were enjoying the beautiful rolling hills and green flora in several small towns north of St Louis.  The missionaries in this area all live about 20 miles from each…
Today at Sacrament Meeting, the announcement of a new baby in the ward was given.  Little Sophie, who is not so little was born late last night. This is the first baby born in a long time and members of the branch cheered the news!  We love being able to attend this small gathering every Sunday.

Later in the day we shared dinner with good friends and senior missionaries.  

Saturday we always get up early and meet at the St Louis Temple at 6:00 am for prayer meeting.  George and I especially treasure and love this time of our lives serving in the St Louis Temple.  We work with wonderful people from Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri and lots of other places who make it a priority in their lives to come to the Temple.

Friday, I got to help with the Missionary Leadership Council luncheon.  Sister Slagle, the mission secretary did an outstanding job organizing this meal.  The missionaries enjoyed this treat.  George stayed back at the mission office and held down the fort.  
The rest of the week wa…