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We talked on the way home from Church today of the love we have for the members of the small branch we attend.  We have grown to love everyone in the branch and I do not throw out these kind of compliments easily.  No pretense here!

One Sister, recently turned 70 and still works full time.  She is a dialysis patient.  Her husband has had a stroke and she also cares for him.  He has a fondness for beautiful music and is the Choir Director.  The last time the Choir sang, because of his more recent health problems, his sweet wife lead the music.  She also plays the organ for Sacrament meetings and is the Primary Chorister.  When we were facilitators for a finance class, she came faithfully and shared thoughtful experiences.  She said the best thing she learned and changed in her life was daily scripture reading.  I have never seen her when she didn't have a big smile on her face.  I hugged her today and thanked her for being such a good example to me.  Her long hair hangs to the mid…