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We have had lots of rain this week along with lightening and wind.  But on Tuesday Elders and Sisters gathered for transfers and later in the day six new wonderful and excited Elders and Sisters arrived from their stay in the MTC and the weather was beautiful! 

The warm sunny day came to a close by the next day when we gathered again for training and the announcement of new companionships were shared (a great experience), the grey clouds were gathering and the rain came.

I have had an experience with a bossy Canadian goose walking to work; I call him the troll.  As he follows me closely honking (I assume looking for some sort of favor to pass); but I did discover perhaps what he was protecting:  some beautiful new goslings!

Saturday, the theme of the Temple day was "Flood the Temple", I was hoping it wasn't a literal meaning.  We had almost 3 inches of rain on Saturday.  But in spite of the storm, many people came to the Temple.  

Today, it has been another rainy day we only…
George and I met 47 years ago today!  We have fond memories of that time.  Where has the time gone?  We have been so blessed!

This week we have wondered. . is it Winter?  Is it Spring?  Someone even suggested the weather was typical of Fall.  Today we have had blue skies which I am so thankful to see and a little warmth in the air.   

On Tuesday, we met with Sister Missionaries; to feel the strength and testimonies of the missionaries  is a highlight for us.  Later we received this text:  "There was actually a drive by shooting on the street (where their extra car was parked).  .  .  If we wouldn't have gone to lunch with you two, we would have picked up our car at the time it happened.  So thank you very much for following a prompting."

The rest of the week was sort of unremarkable.  We enjoyed the Self-reliance class on Thursday and had a wonderful time serving in the Temple on Saturday.

At Sacrament meeting we celebrated the life of our Savior and we enjoyed hearing the choir sing (minus the director who is in rehab) and the speakers who stood in different parts of the room (and didn't require a microphone; the room isn't that big) and shared highlights of our Savior's life.  We enjoyed singing hymns including, Joy to the World.  It is only 66% humidity right now and the high temperature was 72 degrees but doors were propped open to let some fresh air in.  I think it is really Spring in St Louis.  We are thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ's example and sacrifice on our behalf. 

You will find us in the Mission Office Monday through Friday, but we did get to slip away several times to take Missionaries to lunch, to look at apartments, or deliver cars.  We are blessed to know fine servants of the Lord.

During the week we, along with the wonderful Sisters we work with, followed the Savior's final week in mortality during our morning devotional.  It e…
Wasn't General Conference great?  We watched it all from our apartment and walked between sessions.  We were happy to hear of a new temple to be built in the Manila area.  We have a special love for the Philippine people.

Tuesday I had a dentist appointment and Google said it was about 3 miles from where we live, so I decided to walk.  I walk to work every day and it's a little under 2 miles so I knew it wasn't a big deal. Well I did walk and walk ... and walk and when I had walked about three miles and went under the freeway overpass, I Googled again and I still had a over a mile to go.  After my appointment I texted George to come and get me and he actually turned around after a while, because he couldn't imagine it being so far.      

George helped with a family history fair at a branch this week.  There was a great turnout for a small branch and a lot of discoveries made.  

Every week we are facilitators for the personal finance class.  Everyone was there and we are a…