The rain has brought some beautiful green things and flowers

We have had lots of rain this week along with lightening and wind.  But on Tuesday Elders and Sisters gathered for transfers and later in the day six new wonderful and excited Elders and Sisters arrived from their stay in the MTC and the weather was beautiful! 

The warm sunny day came to a close by the next day when we gathered again for training and the announcement of new companionships were shared (a great experience), the grey clouds were gathering and the rain came.

Mom, Dad and new babies
I have had an experience with a bossy Canadian goose walking to work; I call him the troll.  As he follows me closely honking (I assume looking for some sort of favor to pass); but I did discover perhaps what he was protecting:  some beautiful new goslings!

Cardinal couple enjoying sunflower seeds outside our balcany

Saturday, the theme of the Temple day was "Flood the Temple", I was hoping it wasn't a literal meaning.  We had almost 3 inches of rain on Saturday.  But in spite of the storm, many people came to the Temple.  

This is a test; try to find a sleeping squirrel and a cardinal
Today, it has been another rainy day we only had about thirty people in our branch.  But we were spiritually nourished by those who braved the storm.


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