The banner the Young Women took to Camp
It's a record: St Louis hit 108 degrees yesterday.  The previous record of 107 degrees was set a few years ago on July 22, 1901.  We had a storm in the night and the temperature is only 90 degrees today with humidity of only 42%; a pretty nice day.

Branch President David Fingle

Last Sunday we were witness to the changing of the presidency of the Pagedale Branch.  In the twenty six year history a president has been called to serve from their home ward.  Our new president lives within the boundaries of the branch and is a wonderful man. There was a strong spirit present in the meeting and the news was exciting to the members.  Many of us believe the change will help move the branch forward in growth and acceptance.

Transfers on July 18, 2017

Every six weeks major change comes to the Mission.  Many missionaries completed their missions and returned home.  Then come transfers; they are always exciting for the Elders and Sisters.  They enjoy meeting old acquaintances and leave with new companions.  It was a warm day.  This week we have had several 100 plus degree days.  One senior couple came to the rescue without being asked by providing ice water that was so refreshing.
Wonderful new missionaries--anxious to serve

Twenty two missionaries arrived Tuesday afternoon ready to serve.  On their trip from the airport they stop at the Temple for pictures and come to the office for introductions.  Then we go to the mission home to get to know them better.  The following day we are involved in some training and the then one of our favorite experiences is being present to hear the introductions of trainers to the new missionaries.

We also have changes in the office Elders.  This transfer we have threesome.  One of my favorite missionaries will be serving his last transfer as an Office Elder.


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