The 'Big Muddy' Missouri River

At Sacrament Meeting a young boy shared his testimony that included a list of the many things he is thankful for including his mamma who 'watches over him' and his brothers who 'watch out for him'.  When he finished, some people clapped.  We enjoy the Pagedale Branch and particularly fast & testimony meetings are wonderful--and today was no exception.

Yesterday we enjoyed our shift in the Temple.  George said as we left in the early afternoon (we had been there since before 6 am), "I wish I could live in the Temple".

Several days this week we were out of the office for part of the day.  We enjoyed having lunch with missionaries, visiting missionaries for one reason or another and checking out a few apartments.  The apartments we visited, the Elders knew how to clean.  I hope they cleaned because it is a nicer environment and not out of fear of Sister Mower!  Our theme in the mission has been over the last couple of months, if it doesn't belong to you and you don't need it. . get rid of it.

Bridge over the Missouri
We enjoyed talking to friends that are serving at the Washington DC visitors center.  They said they  had over 69,000 visitors during the month of June.  They are such good examples to us.  In the Philippines, they served a short time with us and they taught us to make your own mission.  We have tried to follow their examples.   

We are still enjoying a mild summer.  We live in an area that is like a little forest and we enjoy the beautiful birds that stop by daily.  My favorite is a Blue Jay who comes to a branch and cries out loudly. . that is my hint to bring him some peanuts.

The goslings are growing up so fast!


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