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The sky has been grey and rain has poured, drizzled and dripped.  The wind has blown, and the sun has shone.  It has been cold and then at times it has been kind of nice. . it must be Spring in St Louis, Missouri.  

It was a good week as we got to enjoy the company of the missionaries at the several Zone Conferences.  I felt the strength of the young Elders and Sisters as they reverently sat in the Chapel at the Frontenac Building prior to the meeting.  When President Bateman walked in, the missionaries stood.

On Wednesday we left at 6:00 am to arrive in Champaign, Illinois by 9.  It was a beautiful LONG drive.  We lived in the Midwest at an earlier time in our lives and we love the beautiful farm lands and foliage that are beginning to come to life.

On Thursday we received word that our daughter Stephanie was heading to the hospital and a few hours later, she and her husband Josh welcomed number three son, Jace Maxwell Grimes.  There have been a few complications, but Jace is a fighter.…
This week it was Winter again!  Our lowest temperature was 16 degrees F.  But walking to work in the sunshine actually felt warmer than the cloudy windy days in the twenties. 

Seventeen missionaries left the Missouri St Louis Mission this week after completing their service.

Tuesday it was Transfer day and bitter cold with the blowing wind and cloudy sky; oh yeah and the snow.  Eight new missionaries arrived in the afternoon (with no coats on as they said it was warm in Salt Lake City, Utah). Later we went to the Mission Home to get to know the new Elders and Sisters.

Wednesday we enjoyed the new missionaries again.  They are a good "batch" as they would say in the Philippines.  There was training and my favorite part; introduction of the new companions.  We also had a new senior couple drive in this week; this mission now has four senior companionships doing MLS (Member Leadership Support) throughout the mission.

We are enjoying being Facilitators for the personal finance Self…
We had a wonderful experience this week when we went to the Temple and helped clean some of the chandeliers and sconces.  Wearing gloves, we carefully removed the crystals and washed them individually; the fixtures were cleaned and then we put them all back together again piece by piece or strand.  

I thought the fixtures looked great before we even started, but the reflected light from the cleaned crystals was beautiful. We'll never be in the Celestial Room or Sealing Rooms again without remembering the meticulous care that is provided in The Lord's House.

The Self Reliance class began this week.  We are facilitators for the personal finance class.  We had a great turn out and even I have a partner, we are like cheer leaders for each other.  She texted me before I even thought about texting her.  Tonight she is teaching her family (for family home evening) about the importance of finance.

We have had some fickle weather this week.  And unfortunately for us warm weather lovers, i…
Sunday, March 5, 2017, our grandson Jaden's 2nd birthday

President and Sister Bateman invited all the Senior Missionaries in the Mission over for a pot luck dinner and Family Home Evening.  My best food awards go to Elder Gourley and his dutch oven potatoes and Sister Hair's variation of BYU mint brownies mmmm.  We also welcomed our new finance secretary, who arrived after a perilous trip through snow storms.

We also had our first tornado watch this last week.  Then the wind and hail came but no tornado in St Louis.  We are grateful for covered parking.

Our mission is ever changing in the car department.  We gathered drivers and traveled to pickup four new Chevy Malibu cars.  I am grateful for GPS and I love going over the big rivers.

Friday was Mission Leadership Council.  I was in charge of feeding the missionaries.  Thank You Costco; the chicken pot pie was a hit.  George spoke on his favorite subject. . cars (not).

We enjoyed attending the Temple Saturday.  It is now closed for…