Beautiful Cardinal mates outside our window (they mate for life)

The sky has been grey and rain has poured, drizzled and dripped.  The wind has blown, and the sun has shone.  It has been cold and then at times it has been kind of nice. . it must be Spring in St Louis, Missouri.  

Missionaries at Zone Conference

Missionaries getting wash kits to clean their cars

It was a good week as we got to enjoy the company of the missionaries at the several Zone Conferences.  I felt the strength of the young Elders and Sisters as they reverently sat in the Chapel at the Frontenac Building prior to the meeting.  When President Bateman walked in, the missionaries stood.

Sun coming up as we drive up to Champaign, IL

On Wednesday we left at 6:00 am to arrive in Champaign, Illinois by 9.  It was a beautiful LONG drive.  We lived in the Midwest at an earlier time in our lives and we love the beautiful farm lands and foliage that are beginning to come to life.

Cloud formation along the farmland

On Thursday we received word that our daughter Stephanie was heading to the hospital and a few hours later, she and her husband Josh welcomed number three son, Jace Maxwell Grimes.  There have been a few complications, but Jace is a fighter.  We celebrated Jace's arrival and took cookies to the self reliance class later that evening.

Handsome new grandson

Saturday, George and I began serving in the St Louis Temple.  It was unreal, it took 7 or 8 minutes to drive to the Temple at 5:30 in the morning.  It was a great day!

Pesky squirrel outside our window

Today we taught the Temple Preparation class and later had dinner with the Whitlock CES missionary couple. We are blessed. 


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