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Every day George and I have the opportunity of working with Missionaries serving in the Missouri St Louis Mission.  This is the best part of being here.  We have also met wonderful people who call Missouri home; both members and non-members.

Today being Memorial Day, we are thankful for those who have given their time and even their lives protecting this land.  Today we recalled visiting the American Philippine Cemetery in Manila a few years ago.  I can't possibly describe the feeling we had as we solemnly viewed the some 16,000 graves of mostly young serviceman who gave their lives for a higher cause--allowing the preservation of peace and freedom that we are the recipients of.  President Hinckley rededicated the Philippines some years ago at the cemetery calling it hallowed ground. 

I especially enjoyed walking to the mission office this morning; there was no one out!  We left the office a little early and did some last minute shopping in preparation for our son Spencer and his f…
Today we went to visit some missionaries in Illinois.  It is just across the Mississippi river, but an area we don't often get to.  We left from Church where we have been assigned (it's in the inner city) and the car navigation took us through a pretty scary part of town.  A lot of homes we passed, or what remains of the homes, are boarded up or burned down.  On a brighter side, we also saw Forest Park and downtown St Louis (without rain).  I marvel at how beautiful the flora is here--so green and beautiful with all the rain.

We have mission responsibilities and I know my back is getting stronger serving here.  I am thankful to know wonderful Elders and Sisters who are serving in this area.  I have also had experiences this week that remind me of how the Lord is mindful of his servants and his concern for their welfare.

We had a fun lunch with the Office Elders and Zone Leaders at a build your own pizza joint--we all loved it.  We are especially fond of these young men.  Wheneve…
The weather has been simply gorgeous.  In addition to my morning walks to the office, George and I have been enjoying a lunch time walk.  The weather has kind of reminded me of Minnesota summers. . . fog, unruly hair, and low billowy clouds.  My new favorite color is green.  With all the rain we have received the foliage is vibrant green.  Peonies are in bloom.  Being from Southern Arizona, that is something we rarely see in person. The flood waters in this area are receding.  (Although there is still some flooding around).

Time is really  flying by.  We enjoy our interactions with the Pagedale Branch where we have been involved in Self-reliance and Temple Preparation.  We're looking forward to having some members come to the Temple for the first time in a few weeks :-).

We have had a nice weekend.  Friday, Mother's Day Flowers and hand prints (and a footprint from the baby) arrived.  What a fun surprise!  Saturday mornings we spend in the Temple.  We will probably never live 10…
Wow, what a week this has been.  We have had torrential rain that started a week ago Saturday and finally stopped Friday.  We have traveled hundreds of miles this week to attend three zone conferences across the mission: Springfield, Illinois, O'Fallon, Illinois and Columbia, Missouri.  The good news it is always a pleasure to spend time with the missionaries.  Another positive bit was it wasn't raining in Springfield or Columbia.  It was nice to see a little blue sky and all the green foliage is such a welcome pleasure.  

Friday the office Sisters and I helped with the luncheon for the Mission Leadership Council.  Sister Slagle's Costco meal plan was a hit.

Saturday we enjoyed a day in the temple and lunch out.  I didn't even get drenched like I did a week earlier as I walked.  

Today we attended our branch meetings.  I love this branch and the members.  After one testimony, most of the congregation clapped.  The spirit was strong. In the evening we attended a Temple wor…