It was almost like we were in the Philippines again! 
Flooding along the Mississippi after constant rainfall

Wow, what a week this has been.  We have had torrential rain that started a week ago Saturday and finally stopped Friday.  We have traveled hundreds of miles this week to attend three zone conferences across the mission: Springfield, Illinois, O'Fallon, Illinois and Columbia, Missouri.  The good news it is always a pleasure to spend time with the missionaries.  Another positive bit was it wasn't raining in Springfield or Columbia.  It was nice to see a little blue sky and all the green foliage is such a welcome pleasure.  

Karen took this from the pulpit as she began here Zone Conference presentation :-)

Friday the office Sisters and I helped with the luncheon for the Mission Leadership Council.  Sister Slagle's Costco meal plan was a hit.

Meeting together with the missionaries prior to car inspections

Saturday we enjoyed a day in the temple and lunch out.  I didn't even get drenched like I did a week earlier as I walked.  

We finally saw the arch as we drove to a Zone Conference--it's quite imposing

Today we attended our branch meetings.  I love this branch and the members.  After one testimony, most of the congregation clapped.  The spirit was strong. In the evening we attended a Temple worker devotional that included musical numbers by the Brett Family of Branson, MO.

Lincoln home in Sprinfield, IL.  We toured the home, which is ~80% original on the inside


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