Beautiful flowers outside the Temple
Every day George and I have the opportunity of working with Missionaries serving in the Missouri St Louis Mission.  This is the best part of being here.  We have also met wonderful people who call Missouri home; both members and non-members.

Today being Memorial Day, we are thankful for those who have given their time and even their lives protecting this land.  Today we recalled visiting the American Philippine Cemetery in Manila a few years ago.  I can't possibly describe the feeling we had as we solemnly viewed the some 16,000 graves of mostly young serviceman who gave their lives for a higher cause--allowing the preservation of peace and freedom that we are the recipients of.  President Hinckley rededicated the Philippines some years ago at the cemetery calling it hallowed ground. 

Manila American War Cemetery and Memorial

I especially enjoyed walking to the mission office this morning; there was no one out!  We left the office a little early and did some last minute shopping in preparation for our son Spencer and his family's arrival tomorrow evening.   

Friday evening we were able to attend the Temple with our branch.  Our special friend Mac, who just completed the class on Temples came for the first time.  It is wonderful to be in the Temple, but it is best shared with those we love and care about.  In the Celestial Room of the Temple Mac remarked: "Is this heaven?".  Indeed, we were very close.

I have to relate a humorous experience we recently had with our Coordinators in the Temple. We asked them to lunch and they suggested a French Bakery/restaurant close to where we live.  They said this place has the best French Onion Soup.  We went to the restaurant and ordered the soup.  As promised, it was delicious! I'm sensitive to tastes and smells and noticed a unique taste that appeared to be alcohol.  I asked someone in the restaurant if it had any alcohol and she said, why yes we cook the soup with wine.  Of course the alcohol content burns out, but it was a little embarrassing moment for our hosts.
The City of Pagedale where the Branch we attend is located
Thursday evening we celebrated our last self reliance class.  After three months and 12 classes, we had seven individuals successfully completed the class.  We have learned and have seen others benefit by having this opportunity.


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