Beautiful swan enjoying a picture perfect day!
The weather has been simply gorgeous.  In addition to my morning walks to the office, George and I have been enjoying a lunch time walk.  The weather has kind of reminded me of Minnesota summers. . . fog, unruly hair, and low billowy clouds.  My new favorite color is green.  With all the rain we have received the foliage is vibrant green.  Peonies are in bloom.  Being from Southern Arizona, that is something we rarely see in person. The flood waters in this area are receding.  (Although there is still some flooding around).

A still swollen Missouri River

Time is really  flying by.  We enjoy our interactions with the Pagedale Branch where we have been involved in Self-reliance and Temple Preparation.  We're looking forward to having some members come to the Temple for the first time in a few weeks :-).

Grandchildren hand prints and baby footprint :-)

We have had a nice weekend.  Friday, Mother's Day Flowers and hand prints (and a footprint from the baby) arrived.  What a fun surprise!  Saturday mornings we spend in the Temple.  We will probably never live 10 minutes from a Temple again.  We love seeing the family via the computer every Sunday evening. We have been blessed.

Pesky squirrel looking down from the floor above to get a shot at the bird feeder


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