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We watched an interfaith effort of The Forgotten Carols.  Our good friends and CES Missionary Couple; Elder & Sister Whitlock sang in the choir.  We love Jen and Reed; they are always looking for ways to serve in the community.  Jen had decorated the halls of the theater with treasures gathered on walks including  leaves, pine trimming and extra chopped wood from the neighboring housing area.  Missionaries also helped building the sets.  The director didn't quite understand when she would ask one missionary for help, and they always brought along their companion.

This week we attended our last zone conferences.  It was a holiday theme that included skits prepared by all the districts.  Elder Mower was mentioned in several (the car guy).  They also did a white elephant exchange. . moving junk from one apartment to another hmmmmm.  We shared some training and our testimonies with the other departing missionaries. It was wonderful to share our last goodbyes with many of the missio…
Yesterday to kick off #Light the World, the monthly Mission Leadership Council gathered together  and did service.  They ended up doing service in our little Branch.  Today we went to the open house at our branch and witnessed some of their handiwork that included preparing the Church for today.  The Branch President showed me around and talked about the hard work of the missionaries.  They also helped a few people in their yards and brought food.

I will have to admit, we have had mild weather the last week or so.  I have enjoyed it every minute! Okay I did walk to work the other day and it was 27 degrees F, but by afternoon it was in the 50's.  I hope it stays like this for a few more weeks; like six weeks.  The clerk in the grocery store told me, he was just done with this weather and he wants it cold and snowy.

One of the highlights we have enjoyed in St Louis, is serving in the Temple Saturday mornings.  We are delighted to work with and associate with great people; some who …