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Today our unseasonable warm weather turned cold.  Okay, not bitter cold, but this morning the temperature was in the low forties.  Not really too bad, except that the heat was not turned on at Church.  It was difficult to get my fingers moving playing the piano for Relief Society.

Earlier this week George and I along with Sister Bateman (mission president's wife) went to the airport and picked up our newest Spanish speaking missionary.  We had met Elder Poulson at the MTC not that long ago, and it was great to renew our acquaintance.

We have a stake calling; facilitators for self reliance.  Thursday evening was the kick off. George and I each had a table to go through the introduction of the program.  I was afraid; I am happy to sit back and let everyone else talk.  It turned out to be a great experience; I met wonderful people and we all have a common thread; trying to do the best we can.

A favorite experience this week was going with our new friend Mack to the Temple.  We brought s…
We enjoy attending a small branch in St Louis, Missouri.  Although we have only been coming for a few weeks, among the few regulars new people have show up each week.  I talked with the Primary President today.  I asked her how many children in the primary.  She said there are different children every week, but on a good day about twelve children attend.

We met a neat member at the Branch a few weeks ago; Mack Abercrombie.  George helped him do some simple family work--finding some census records for his father and grandparents.  He then decided to send it to his sister, Nancy, who is a missionary at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City.  She found multiple generations for Mack.  As George looked at the family names--he found a familiar name that was in his line.  He checked on Relative Search and found that Mack's mother is his 11th cousin.  Quite a surprise!!  Thanks to Nancy's help, George has 70+ names for Mack to take to the Temple this week for Mack's first v…
It's been a wonderful weekend in the St Louis area; the weather was perfect with the high temperature in the low 70's on Saturday.  We loved attending the Temple and then attending a meeting to learn the expectations of being a Self Reliance Facilitator.  It was fun to run into the Office Sisters at Walmart; they looked at us and said you know you don't have to wear dress up clothes on your P-day ... what is P-day?  

This week was traveling long distances to zone conferences, but we love being with the missionaries.  I don't think we have met any missionaries yet who say don't say, "how can we help?"  We have been to the Southern part of Missouri and up to the middle of Illinois (which was bitter cold).  One stop on the way back from Cape Girardeau was Farmington, Missouri; A step back in time and beautiful old Churches of many denominations on many corners.  Springfield, Illinois is known for many historic Lincoln  sites.  Hmmm when we have more time.  Of…
Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tonight we are enjoying a quiet Sunday evening after a whirlwind week of activity in the Missouri, St. Louis Mission.  We enjoyed a sweet testimony meeting at our branch.  I think the attendance was double over last week and many waited to share their humbles testimonies and blessings. We heard lots of 'amens' and 'praise the Lord' during the tesitmonies--not used to that.:-)

Sunday, January 29, 2017 We were invited to help with the Church open house at the Frontenac Stake.  Met wonderful missionaries including the seven who were gathering to go home Monday morning.  Met wonderful members and their friends.  Enjoyed a well planned evening that the missionaries had thoughtfully prepared.  The movie "Meet the Mormons" was playing.  Their were individual tours throughout the building.  There was a short presentation by a local Bishop and beautiful singing from our talented Elders and a Sister office worker. Oh and don't forget the refr…