The Missouri River, which we've crossed a few times

Today our unseasonable warm weather turned cold.  Okay, not bitter cold, but this morning the temperature was in the low forties.  Not really too bad, except that the heat was not turned on at Church.  It was difficult to get my fingers moving playing the piano for Relief Society.

Elder Poulson with his new Spanish-speaking companions; Elders Gutierrez & Barney

Earlier this week George and I along with Sister Bateman (mission president's wife) went to the airport and picked up our newest Spanish speaking missionary.  We had met Elder Poulson at the MTC not that long ago, and it was great to renew our acquaintance.

Our apartment complex

We have a stake calling; facilitators for self reliance.  Thursday evening was the kick off. George and I each had a table to go through the introduction of the program.  I was afraid; I am happy to sit back and let everyone else talk.  It turned out to be a great experience; I met wonderful people and we all have a common thread; trying to do the best we can.

Canadian Geese foraging on my walk to work
A favorite experience this week was going with our new friend Mack to the Temple.  We brought several people to help complete sixty baptisms.  It was a great experience. Today Mack said he was still feeling good about this opportunity to help his family.    

If you look closely you can see two sleeping squirrels in the tree


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