Building along my walk to the office

We enjoy attending a small branch in St Louis, Missouri.  Although we have only been coming for a few weeks, among the few regulars new people have show up each week.  I talked with the Primary President today.  I asked her how many children in the primary.  She said there are different children every week, but on a good day about twelve children attend.

George & Mack--cousins--who would've guessed!

We met a neat member at the Branch a few weeks ago; Mack Abercrombie.  George helped him do some simple family work--finding some census records for his father and grandparents.  He then decided to send it to his sister, Nancy, who is a missionary at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City.  She found multiple generations for Mack.  As George looked at the family names--he found a familiar name that was in his line.  He checked on Relative Search and found that Mack's mother is his 11th cousin.  Quite a surprise!!  Thanks to Nancy's help, George has 70+ names for Mack to take to the Temple this week for Mack's first visit to the Temple.

Canadian Geese along my walk

Every day this last week, I have walked to work.   It's not quite two miles, but the weather has been mild and I have loved seeing a variety colorful and noisy birds and busy squirrels.  George needs to take the car in case we need to run an unexpected errand (anyway that's his excuse and he's sticking to it (LOL).

Saturday morning we met up with George's cousin Terry and his wife Brook.  The last time we saw them was back in 1979 in Provo, Utah.  They were preparing to leave to begin their new life adventure after graduating from BYU.  It was fun getting together and we hope to see them more often (than every 38 years ;-).


  1. Hey George. I love your blog, and the great comments. I can tell you love the mission and the people. They are unique and lovable. Mary and I started back at the temple last Thurs. and it was great to be back "home." Everything is the same and the brothers are still good men. I get to do all the ordinances on Thurs. and still veil coordinator on Fri. I miss your friendly harrasment and laugh. Keep up the great work! Richard Hogge


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