Beautiful St. Louis Temple

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tonight we are enjoying a quiet Sunday evening after a whirlwind week of activity in the Missouri, St. Louis Mission.  We enjoyed a sweet testimony meeting at our branch.  I think the attendance was double over last week and many waited to share their humbles testimonies and blessings. We heard lots of 'amens' and 'praise the Lord' during the tesitmonies--not used to that.:-)

Sunday, January 29, 2017 We were invited to help with the Church open house at the Frontenac Stake.  Met wonderful missionaries including the seven who were gathering to go home Monday morning.  Met wonderful members and their friends.  Enjoyed a well planned evening that the missionaries had thoughtfully prepared.  The movie "Meet the Mormons" was playing.  Their were individual tours throughout the building.  There was a short presentation by a local Bishop and beautiful singing from our talented Elders and a Sister office worker. Oh and don't forget the refreshments! 

Deer we saw near the Mission home

Monday missionaries went home. 

Tuesday was transfer day and we met many missionaries coming and going.  Later in the day sixteen new missionaries arrived.  We loved meeting with them and hearing their testimonies of Jesus Christ and desire to serve!  Our office Sisters prepared (from scratch) a great evening meal for everyone.

Wednesday a short training for new missionaries and trainers and then the pairing of companionships.  How great is that?  Later George and I went bed shopping for missionaries. . . there is always something.

A red cardinal outside our window

Friday was Mission Leadership Council.  George spoke and I helped the creative office Sisters with their luncheon (from scratch).  They told me next time, I was in charge.  They were a little disappointed to know I was going to Costco for the meal.

Young women pictures from our Branch

Saturday we attended the Temple.  It is the closest we have ever been to a temple since we graduated from school a hundred years ago; about 10 minutes away.


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