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Today was our last Sunday at the Pagedale Branch.  We will miss going to Church there.  As tears streamed down my face I thanked many and received big hugs in return, "Thank you for making us feel at home".  Church was only Sacrament Meeting as a big ice storm is headed our way and it was fast Sunday, but a kind woman brought spaghetti and all the trimmings for a lunch after Church.

Christmas and New Years have come and gone.  We have spent time with Elder and Sister Whitlock who came out the same day we did and sweet Sister Slagle.  We also had a Senior Missionary Mexican feast at the President's home.  I think George would agree, our favorite activity was making sure all missionaries received a package during the holidays.  Several generous people donated funds to help make this happen.

Missionaries have completed their missions and returned home.  Transfers happened in a Church parking lot with 7 degree F weather.  Burrrr! Although quite cold, Missionaries just hung out…