It's a record: St Louis hit 108 degrees yesterday.  The previous record of 107 degrees was set a few years ago on July 22, 1901.  We had a storm in the night and the temperature is only 90 degrees today with humidity of only 42%; a pretty nice day.

Last Sunday we were witness to the changing of the presidency of the Pagedale Branch.  In the twenty six year history a president has been called to serve from their home ward.  Our new president lives within the boundaries of the branch and is a wonderful man. There was a strong spirit present in the meeting and the news was exciting to the members.  Many of us believe the change will help move the branch forward in growth and acceptance.

Every six weeks major change comes to the Mission.  Many missionaries completed their missions and returned home.  Then come transfers; they are always exciting for the Elders and Sisters.  They enjoy meeting old acquaintances and leave with new companions.  It was a warm day.  This week we have had sev…
Our favorite day this week was Tuesday the 4th of July.  We didn't go into the office but of course, we were accessible.  We spent the morning at the St Louis Zoo.  Who has ever been to a zoo that doesn't charge an entrance fee?  Okay we paid $20 to park, but it was well worth it.  We enjoyed the bird sanctuary; it was actually from the 1904 world's fair.  I especially liked the bird with the blue bill, which he was using to woo the female. 

We liked seeing the hippopotamuses; three of them laying on top of each other trying to keep cool in water full of fish (that didn't seem to be afraid of the big beasts).  Hippos were my favorite when I was a kid.

Later we met up with our Missionary friends who came out the same day we did for lunch and dessert at the famous Ted Drewes custard shop.  We did choose the wrong one and ended up in kind of a iffy part of town, but we enjoyed the rich treat anyway.

Today George and I spoke at Sacrament meeting.  When George told his 99 year…
At Sacrament Meeting a young boy shared his testimony that included a list of the many things he is thankful for including his mamma who 'watches over him' and his brothers who 'watch out for him'.  When he finished, some people clapped.  We enjoy the Pagedale Branch and particularly fast & testimony meetings are wonderful--and today was no exception.

Yesterday we enjoyed our shift in the Temple.  George said as we left in the early afternoon (we had been there since before 6 am), "I wish I could live in the Temple".

Several days this week we were out of the office for part of the day.  We enjoyed having lunch with missionaries, visiting missionaries for one reason or another and checking out a few apartments.  The apartments we visited, the Elders knew how to clean.  I hope they cleaned because it is a nicer environment and not out of fear of Sister Mower!  Our theme in the mission has been over the last couple of months, if it doesn't belong to you…
We always look forward to talking with our children and grandchildren on Sunday evenings; this evening was no exception.  Spencer, our son, told us about serving in the parking lot at the Tucson Temple Open House and the melting asphalt related to heat.

We have had lovely weather, not hot and humid as we have been warned our summer would be.  I am sure we will not miss out.  This morning I went for a walk around our apartment; I needed a jacket. 

Our lesson in Relief Society was on becoming a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ by Elder Robert D. Hales.  I have studied Doctrine and Covenants 4 and am interested in the attributes we should develop to become more Christlike.  Faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, brotherly kindness, godliness, charity, humility, diligence and as Elder Hales shared "disciples live so that the characteristics of Christ are woven into the fiber of their beings".  I have a lot of work to do.

Yesterday was a great day when we went to the Tem…
It was Zone Conference week.  How great it is to be with all the missionaries in the Missouri St Louis Mission in three meetings throughout the week.  Tuesday we left at 5:30 am and headed north to go to Champaign, Illinois.  We love crossing the rivers that are really rivers (not the case in Southern Arizona).   We arrived early to check on an apartment;  it looked much better after it had had a major cleanup.  This area covers just two zones and is the smallest group.  We left the conference early to travel to see another apartment in Glen Carbon, Illinois prior to arriving home in the evening.

Wednesday we only traveled about 45 minutes to attend our largest zone conference that includes four zones.  With the recent creation of a new stake, we also have a new zone.

Thursday we left early again traveling south Cape Girardeau, Missouri which is situated along the Mississippi River.  There were three zones in the Cape meeting.  We were surprised that in the downtown area they had a hu…
Two weeks have slipped by since we last wrote.

Spencer and Stephanie and their children Nathen 9, Tyler 7, Kaylee 5 and little Alex 2 spent time with us.  Some of those days included missionary transfers and new missionary arrivals and trying to keep abreast of work in the mission office. It was really great having them close by for a week and we miss them!  While we worked most days they were here; they didn't let that stop them from enjoying the sites in the St Louis area.  They visited sites we will probably never have time to visit, including; the St Louis Arch, a paddle-boat trip along the Mississippi, the City Museum, Forest Park, and boat rides in Creve Coeur Lake.

We received permission to go to Nauvoo, Illinois for a couple of days with our family.  It is just a few hours from here.  It has been many years since we have visited.  It wasn't crowded and the missionaries and entertainers gave special attention to the grand kids. We truly felt blessed when we left town for …
Every day George and I have the opportunity of working with Missionaries serving in the Missouri St Louis Mission.  This is the best part of being here.  We have also met wonderful people who call Missouri home; both members and non-members.

Today being Memorial Day, we are thankful for those who have given their time and even their lives protecting this land.  Today we recalled visiting the American Philippine Cemetery in Manila a few years ago.  I can't possibly describe the feeling we had as we solemnly viewed the some 16,000 graves of mostly young serviceman who gave their lives for a higher cause--allowing the preservation of peace and freedom that we are the recipients of.  President Hinckley rededicated the Philippines some years ago at the cemetery calling it hallowed ground. 

I especially enjoyed walking to the mission office this morning; there was no one out!  We left the office a little early and did some last minute shopping in preparation for our son Spencer and his f…