Winter came back--it was cold!

This week it was Winter again!  Our lowest temperature was 16 degrees F.  But walking to work in the sunshine actually felt warmer than the cloudy windy days in the twenties. 

This is the magnolia tree from last week--the
beautiful blooms couldn't handle the cold snap

Seventeen missionaries left the Missouri St Louis Mission this week after completing their service.

By Saturday the tulips were out!

Tuesday it was Transfer day and bitter cold with the blowing wind and cloudy sky; oh yeah and the snow.  Eight new missionaries arrived in the afternoon (with no coats on as they said it was warm in Salt Lake City, Utah). Later we went to the Mission Home to get to know the new Elders and Sisters.

Some of our beautiful bird friends outside our apartment

Wednesday we enjoyed the new missionaries again.  They are a good "batch" as they would say in the Philippines.  There was training and my favorite part; introduction of the new companions.  We also had a new senior couple drive in this week; this mission now has four senior companionships doing MLS (Member Leadership Support) throughout the mission.

Get used it it--more birds (we love them)

We are enjoying being Facilitators for the personal finance Self-Reliance class.  We lock the door after everyone arrives for safety purposes in the inter-city branch where we meet at night.  I heard someone come in and was a little concerned, until I recognized the intruder as a member of the Stake Presidency coming to visit us!

Beautiful St Louis Temple along the busy highway

Driving to our branch today, we caught a glimpse of the famous St Louis Gateway Arch. This is the first weekend since we've been here where it was clear enough to see downtown St Louis.  It's Spring again (in the fifties)!


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