Beautiful flowering tree outside the mission office

We had a wonderful experience this week when we went to the Temple and helped clean some of the chandeliers and sconces.  Wearing gloves, we carefully removed the crystals and washed them individually; the fixtures were cleaned and then we put them all back together again piece by piece or strand.  

St Louis Temple Sealing Room (we found this picture on the internet)

I thought the fixtures looked great before we even started, but the reflected light from the cleaned crystals was beautiful. We'll never be in the Celestial Room or Sealing Rooms again without remembering the meticulous care that is provided in The Lord's House.

A Magnolia Tree along our way to the office

The Self Reliance class began this week.  We are facilitators for the personal finance class.  We had a great turn out and even I have a partner, we are like cheer leaders for each other.  She texted me before I even thought about texting her.  Tonight she is teaching her family (for family home evening) about the importance of finance.

This eerie cloud arrangement was to foretell a 40 degree drop in temperatures

We have had some fickle weather this week.  And unfortunately for us warm weather lovers, it looks like Winter is coming back for a bit.  We had a few warm days in the 70's and by Saturday snow was falling.

The white stuff seemed to attract more beautiful cardinals to our feeder

It was Stake Conference in the St Louis Stake, they had a special section saved for the Pagedale Branch.  Afterwards we went back to the Pagedale building and had a "linger longer" lunch.  We celebrated 25 years of the Pagedale branch.


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