Town where we live

North Stake Zone Conference

It's been a wonderful weekend in the St Louis area; the weather was perfect with the high temperature in the low 70's on Saturday.  We loved attending the Temple and then attending a meeting to learn the expectations of being a Self Reliance Facilitator.  It was fun to run into the Office Sisters at Walmart; they looked at us and said you know you don't have to wear dress up clothes on your P-day ... what is P-day?  

Snowy day driving home from Zone Conference

This week was traveling long distances to zone conferences, but we love being with the missionaries.  I don't think we have met any missionaries yet who say don't say, "how can we help?"  We have been to the Southern part of Missouri and up to the middle of Illinois (which was bitter cold).  One stop on the way back from Cape Girardeau was Farmington, Missouri; A step back in time and beautiful old Churches of many denominations on many corners.  Springfield, Illinois is known for many historic Lincoln  sites.  Hmmm when we have more time.  Of course, we Crossed the Mississippi river!

Inspecting cars at Zone Conference

We are "Adjusting to Missionary Life" and enjoying our new surroundings.  I especially love the bright red Cardinals that visit our bird feeder.  It is wonderful to see a pop of color in the drab grey of winter.

The Mighty Mississippi


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