St Louis Inner City
Today we went to visit some missionaries in Illinois.  It is just across the Mississippi river, but an area we don't often get to.  We left from Church where we have been assigned (it's in the inner city) and the car navigation took us through a pretty scary part of town.  A lot of homes we passed, or what remains of the homes, are boarded up or burned down.  On a brighter side, we also saw Forest Park and downtown St Louis (without rain).  I marvel at how beautiful the flora is here--so green and beautiful with all the rain.

Crossing the Mississippi into Illinois

We have mission responsibilities and I know my back is getting stronger serving here.  I am thankful to know wonderful Elders and Sisters who are serving in this area.  I have also had experiences this week that remind me of how the Lord is mindful of his servants and his concern for their welfare.

Busch Stadium and the Arch--with a game going on: Cardinals vs. Giants

We had a fun lunch with the Office Elders and Zone Leaders at a build your own pizza joint--we all loved it.  We are especially fond of these young men.  Whenever we see them, they ask, "What can we do to help you?"

A city view of the Arch
We have assisted a few members of our Branch obtain family names to take to the Temple and next week is payoff week!  Three are going to the Temple--one for his endowment and two for baptisms.  We are excited.

A river view of the Arch


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