Karen & George at the St Louis Zoo
Our favorite day this week was Tuesday the 4th of July.  We didn't go into the office but of course, we were accessible.  We spent the morning at the St Louis Zoo.  Who has ever been to a zoo that doesn't charge an entrance fee?  Okay we paid $20 to park, but it was well worth it.  We enjoyed the bird sanctuary; it was actually from the 1904 world's fair.  I especially liked the bird with the blue bill, which he was using to woo the female. 

The duck with the blue bill strutting his stuff
We liked seeing the hippopotamuses; three of them laying on top of each other trying to keep cool in water full of fish (that didn't seem to be afraid of the big beasts).  Hippos were my favorite when I was a kid.

Sleeping Hippos
Later we met up with our Missionary friends who came out the same day we did for lunch and dessert at the famous Ted Drewes custard shop.  We did choose the wrong one and ended up in kind of a iffy part of town, but we enjoyed the rich treat anyway.

Strutting Penguin
Today George and I spoke at Sacrament meeting.  When George told his 99 year old mother, she questioned, "are they that desperate".  Preparing to give a message is the best for the presenter as we learn the most.  This afternoon we have had friends over for dinner and look forward to a week of catch up, before next week, when missionaries come and go.

Karen touching a stingray   
Beautiful giraffes looking us over
King of the jungle chewing on a rawhide


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