Beautiful tulips in our neighborhood

Wasn't General Conference great?  We watched it all from our apartment and walked between sessions.  We were happy to hear of a new temple to be built in the Manila area.  We have a special love for the Philippine people.

Look at this gorgeous swan around the corner from where we live

Tuesday I had a dentist appointment and Google said it was about 3 miles from where we live, so I decided to walk.  I walk to work every day and it's a little under 2 miles so I knew it wasn't a big deal. Well I did walk and walk ... and walk and when I had walked about three miles and went under the freeway overpass, I Googled again and I still had a over a mile to go.  After my appointment I texted George to come and get me and he actually turned around after a while, because he couldn't imagine it being so far.      

Trees are blooming again!

George helped with a family history fair at a branch this week.  There was a great turnout for a small branch and a lot of discoveries made.    

Cardinal outside our window eating sunflower seeds

Every week we are facilitators for the personal finance class.  Everyone was there and we are all working to make life easier by learning how to spend more wisely.  

A new St Louis Cardinal fan

Friday, we took off a little early and went furniture shopping for missionaries.  Stuff gets old and wears out.

Trees blooming in our apartment complex

Sunday, we enjoy having a video conversation with our children and grandchildren--it makes our week complete--we love and miss them! 

Gotta love these cardinals!


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