George and I met 47 years ago today!  We have fond memories of that time.  Where has the time gone?  We have been so blessed!

Warm weather returns
This week we have wondered. . is it Winter?  Is it Spring?  Someone even suggested the weather was typical of Fall.  Today we have had blue skies which I am so thankful to see and a little warmth in the air.   

On Tuesday, we met with Sister Missionaries; to feel the strength and testimonies of the missionaries  is a highlight for us.  Later we received this text:  "There was actually a drive by shooting on the street (where their extra car was parked).  .  .  If we wouldn't have gone to lunch with you two, we would have picked up our car at the time it happened.  So thank you very much for following a prompting."

The rest of the week was sort of unremarkable.  We enjoyed the Self-reliance class on Thursday and had a wonderful time serving in the Temple on Saturday.

How many cardinals can you spot in this picture?


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