We love this Carl Bloch picture of Christ in the Garden--we are grateful
for the life, Atonement, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

At Sacrament meeting we celebrated the life of our Savior and we enjoyed hearing the choir sing (minus the director who is in rehab) and the speakers who stood in different parts of the room (and didn't require a microphone; the room isn't that big) and shared highlights of our Savior's life.  We enjoyed singing hymns including, Joy to the World.  It is only 66% humidity right now and the high temperature was 72 degrees but doors were propped open to let some fresh air in.  I think it is really Spring in St Louis.  We are thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ's example and sacrifice on our behalf. 

Beautiful blossoms all around at this time of year!

You will find us in the Mission Office Monday through Friday, but we did get to slip away several times to take Missionaries to lunch, to look at apartments, or deliver cars.  We are blessed to know fine servants of the Lord.

Crossing the Missouri River during our travels

During the week we, along with the wonderful Sisters we work with, followed the Savior's final week in mortality during our morning devotional.  It enriched our week greatly and helped us to appreciate the Savior's love and atoning sacrifice for each of us.

Beautiful tulips

George was happy to sell nine cars this week.  Cars have always been a love of his; I think the love is gone. 

Outside our apartment

We hit the half way mark in the Personal Finance class we are facilitating.  What good people we have come to know and love.

In the Temple this week, someone asked me if we were serving a mission, why were we in the Temple?  I said, "it's a bonus" for us to have the opportunity to spend Saturday mornings in the Temple.


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