Beautiful tulips outside the temple

We just returned from a family home evening at President and Sister Bateman’s home.  They are great examples of selfless service.  The Missouri St Louis Mission has had an influx of senior missionaries in the last while.  There are three couples serving as MLS, two sisters as auxiliary, a CES couple, and two office sisters and George and me.  The couple with the longest time out has only been out since October.  It was fun to gather together, enjoy a potluck meal together and feel a love for our Savior, Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

Cardinals outside our apartment window

Highlights of the week:

Taking Missionaries to lunch and enjoying our first custard in Missouri.  Missouri is known for great custard and we were not disappointed. 

We got to take a Sister to the airport; school starts in about a week and she needs to get ready.  We love hearing the testimonies of missionaries.  George sat at the curbside, while I helped her get checked in and make sure she passed security (it took over an hour).    

We love the people in the personal finance class; there’s always room for improvement.

New missionary cars

We picked up four new Toyota RAV4’s for the mission.  Friday they were sent out and older vehicles returned.

Female cardinal outside our apartment window

Saturday we served in the Temple. Later we bought new stuff for missionaries (beds, desk and chair, vacuum).  We attended a wonderful baptism of a mother and her two daughters (eight and nine years old). 

Mr. Squirrel on our apartment balcony; he jumps on the bird feeder
and forces seeds onto the ground

Sunday we are involved with Temple Preparation, I get to play the piano in Relief Society (which I love doing) and later we attended a special meeting at the Temple for instruction. Yes, we went to the Temple on Sunday.😊


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