Temple Flowers
Today at Sacrament Meeting, the announcement of a new baby in the ward was given.  Little Sophie, who is not so little was born late last night. This is the first baby born in a long time and members of the branch cheered the news!  We love being able to attend this small gathering every Sunday.

Later in the day we shared dinner with good friends and senior missionaries.  

Saturday we always get up early and meet at the St Louis Temple at 6:00 am for prayer meeting.  George and I especially treasure and love this time of our lives serving in the St Louis Temple.  We work with wonderful people from Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri and lots of other places who make it a priority in their lives to come to the Temple.

MLC Luncheon
Friday, I got to help with the Missionary Leadership Council luncheon.  Sister Slagle, the mission secretary did an outstanding job organizing this meal.  The missionaries enjoyed this treat.  George stayed back at the mission office and held down the fort.  
Birds enjoying food on our balcony
The rest of the week was catch up time.  The weather has been a little cooler and George has joined me for a few walks.  And now it starts all over again :).


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