January 29, 2016

Can’t believe we’ve almost blown through January!  The last few weeks are now a blur.  We’re here in St. Louis and have lots of work to do.  We have faith that the Lord will make us equal to the task.

We reported to the Mission Office on Monday and met President and Sister Bateman—kind and caring people.  They put on a luncheon for some of the new, existing, and departing Senior Missionaries.  I’m got an abbreviated training on cars and Karen got some help on apartments and is trying to figure out what to do in healthcare.  The office atmosphere is fun and enjoyable, but very busy.

We love the missionaries!  We met many at a WW Missionary broadcast, and have met some coming/going from the office.  It’s great to be here with them.
We worked late most every day, trying to keep up and learn what we need to do.  We hardly had time to explore, but did get our apartment arranged; got a new bed, internet connected, stuff unpacked, etc.

Saturday is our P-Day, so we went to the St. Louis Temple.  It was a wonderful experience for us—and we felt right at home.  We’re hoping to work there, but need to get settled into our work life first.  We also went to a baptism at the Branch we’ve been assigned to attend.  The building is a repurposed mortuary.  Just think, people used to die to get there, but live people are more reluctant ;-).

Anyway, no pictures this week.  We have 16 new missionaries coming on Tuesday—so it should be an interesting week.  We both get to do trainings, so that will be interesting.


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