We're back at it again!  We reported to the MTC on January 9 on a cold Provo day.  The warmth of the spirit in the amazing MTC offset any cold we felt outside.

We met many wonderful couples this week assigned to serve in missions all over the world.  There were 99 senior missionaries in our group.  We also met lots of young missionaries excited to be there; some learning foreign languages and others here to focus on Preach My Gospel.

We had many great experiences while here, to name a few:
  1. We gained a greater understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ and His role in the conversion process. 
  2. We were uplifted by mingling with hundreds of missionaries called to serve and it strengthened our testimonies that the Lord guides this work.  It was really amazing to talk to them and hear of their mission calls all over the world! We also met 11 Sisters and 1 Elder preparing to serve in the St Louis Mission!
  3. We attended two devotionals; one with Elder Neil L Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve.  It was a very powerful experience to feel his testimony of the Savior as a special witness.
  4. Karen was able to have a few visits with her sister Deanna, which she enjoyed very much.  I was able to spend a few hours with my sister Susan and her husband David, which was very enjoyable.  Karen & I attended the BYU basketball game with my brother Rob which was lots of fun.
  5. We were able to meet with several returned missionaries from the Bacolod Mission and loved visiting with them and sharing experiences.
On Saturday, we traveled to Salt Lake for Karen's medical training.  We were able to attend a session at the Salt Lake Temple.  

On Sunday, we attended the Music & Spoken Word program on Temple Square.  We love the MoTab and thoroughly enjoyed the program.  Then we went over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for sacrament meeting.

Music and the Spoken Word

Incidentally, Karen & I had our first date in this building some 47-years ago, when it was the Hotel Utah. We then toured the Conference Center; enjoying the vastness of the Center and the unique original art.

Overlooking the Temple from the Conference Center

Wonderful week--we've been greatly blessed and uplifted by this experience. It even got better when we had video calls with our children!


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