Beautiful flower outside the Nauvoo Temple

Two weeks have slipped by since we last wrote.

Spencer and Stephanie and their children Nathen 9, Tyler 7, Kaylee 5 and little Alex 2 spent time with us.  Some of those days included missionary transfers and new missionary arrivals and trying to keep abreast of work in the mission office. It was really great having them close by for a week and we miss them!  While we worked most days they were here; they didn't let that stop them from enjoying the sites in the St Louis area.  They visited sites we will probably never have time to visit, including; the St Louis Arch, a paddle-boat trip along the Mississippi, the City Museum, Forest Park, and boat rides in Creve Coeur Lake.
Along the Mississippi River in Hannibal, MO

We received permission to go to Nauvoo, Illinois for a couple of days with our family.  It is just a few hours from here.  It has been many years since we have visited.  It wasn't crowded and the missionaries and entertainers gave special attention to the grand kids. We truly felt blessed when we left town for a couple of days and we didn't receive many calls. The Temple was awesome!  We stayed across the street and had a view of the Temple from our hotel.  Nathen and Tyler changed their sleeping position from the top to the foot of the bed so they could go to sleep gazing out at the beautiful Temple and lights.

The Temple view outside our hotel room
Sculptures of Joseph and Hyrum looking back at the Temple before their fateful trip to Carthage
Temple on a hill overlooking Nauvoo

Visiting the Carthage Jail was a spiritual experience. We toured the jail as a family (no other visitors) and we were awestruck as the narration described the final moments of Joseph and Hyrum's lives as they prepared and gave their lives as a final earthly testimony to the truthfulness of the restored Gospel.

Carthage Jail

The room in Carthage Jail where they were martyred

Joseph and Hyrum sculpture outside Carthage Jail

We have met so many wonderful people in the Missouri St Louis mission area.  We also feel so blessed to be able to serve in the St Louis Temple one day a week.  As long as we are saying we are thankful, know that we work with wonderful Sisters in the mission office.  

We love the beautiful flora.  Spencer's family kept saying "it is so green".  It is green, the weather is warm and humid (not unbearably) and we haven't had rain for a week.  The weather reporter said, don't forget to water. . it's looking a little dry.  Apparently he hasn't been in the Southwest in a while.


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